Monday, August 19, 2013



Under Science News tab -        
©       each SN TITLE:
©       SN #, TITLE of the Event; & Date 
EXAMPLE:   SN #14 - When will Mt. St. Helen’s Erupt Again?  August 19, 2013               
©       You will listen, read &/or watch the SN
©       You will answer the SN with a minimum of 5 (five) complete sentences or 5 concise bullets.               
(appropriate grade level sentences or bullets is a must)
©       It may be helpful to compose your sentences or bullets answering:                                    
             WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY, HOW, and a BRIEF SUMMARY.

©       You will use neat handwriting or your SN will not be graded.
©       Please observe the directions carefully for each SN; they may be different for each Event.
©       SN’s provide many valuable points for your science grade
©       Remember there is No talking during this time.  Do not share your work!
©       You can have only 2 (two) SN’s on one page.

You will find instructions on whiteboard.  We will begin immediatedly after class begins.  Come in to class, get out your science notebook, open to SCIENCE NEWS tab, on the paper write out the number of SN, Title, Date.

Please listen to the “60 Second Science Minute” and write down a minimum of 5 main points  from the podcast.

You have 5 minutes to complete your task.  You may finish your SN @ home.
It will be posted on our Class Blog.