Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Velocity Practice Problems

Velocity Practice Problems

Remember that speed is how fast an object is moving. Speed is a scalar quantity.
Velocity is a measure of speed in a particular direction. Velocity is a vector quantity.

The formula is:    speed = distance/time
  • Remember when solving for time:  t = d/s
  • Remember when solving for distance:  d = s X t

You may use scratch paper, a calculator and a pencil to help answer the following questions. Select the best answer from the choices.

What is the velocity of a car that traveled a total of 75km north in 1.5 hours?

A: 105 km/hr
B: 25 km hr
C: 50 km/hr

What is the velocity of a plane that traveled 3000 miles from New York to Los Angeles in 5.0 hours?

A: 600 mi/hr
B: 6000 mi/hr
C: 300 mi/hr

It took 3.5 hours for a train to travel the distance between two cities at a velocity 120 km/hr. How many miles lie between the two cities?

A: 610 mi
B: 420 mi
C: 205 mi

A car is traveling at 100 km/hr. How many hours will it take to cover a distance of 750 km?

A: 17.5 hr
B: 7.5 hr
C: .75 hr

  Keisha is pedaling her bicycle at a velocity of .10 km/min. How far will she travel in two hours?

A: 4 km
B: 8 km
C: 12 km

A plane traveled 2.5 hours at a velocity of 1200 km/hr. What distance did it cover?

A: 3000 km
B: 4500 km
C: 2400 km

Jarrett took 45 minutes to cycle to his uncle's house, a total of 4 km. What was his velocity in km/hr?

A: 4.3 km/hr
B: 4.7 km/hr
C: 5.3 km/hr

How long would it take a SUV to travel a distance of 200 km if it is traveling at a velocity of 55 km/hr?

A: 1.1 hr
B: 3.6 hr
C: 2.5 hr