Thursday, January 9, 2014



Since the start of the school year we have done a wide-range of SCIENCE NEWS to help us learn about the happenings in our world from the incredible people who research, develop, and change our lives with science.

You will research, design, & present a SCIENCE NEWS.

·       Topic:   must have current & detailed research on your science topic of your choice.
·       Format:  must enhance the presentation of facts (video, brochure, graphics, power point, Glogster, hands-on demonstration, audio, ETC…
·       Presentation:  must engage & inform your audience.  Facts delivered must be clear & informative
·       Time:  You will be allowed a maximum of 3 minutes to present your science news. 

          Vocabulary terms:  you must add all new terms with definitions in your presentation

·          You must have your topic approved by me before you begin

·             You must sign up for a date for your presentation

                           see hand out for further details